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Event attended by the artist and related to the fire of Saint-Jean in Delme.

Saturday 10 June 2017

For the exhibition Voyages dans la mer perdue, the CAC - la synagogue de Delme, proposes an event during "la fête de la Saint-Jean". Matteo Rubbi introduces news Animals, costumes mades in collaboration with Edna Gee and with the contribution of Morgane Britscher, Alain Colardelle, Derek Di Fabio, Formes vives, Anaïs Fusaro & Andrea Rossi, Isa Griese, Alek O. & Santo Tolone, Emiliana Sabiu, Carlo Spiga, Cherimus, GEM L’Albatros, from drawings made during workshops involving the students of Delme schools and Château-Salins agricultural highschool.

During the exhibition these strange fantastic animals appear and interact with each other. Some accompanied by a piece of sun, will exceptionally leave the art center on June 10 at 6pm and take place to the heart of the Saint-Jean evening. Come and join them!