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Pierre Labat


25 €

This monographic catalog redraws the whole work of Pierre Labat from 2006 till 2011.

Pierre Labat was in Lindre-Basse's residency in 2009. He realized a new sculpture which was presented during the open studio in November, 2009. Further to his residency, Pierre Labat was selected for the international Villa Kuyojama's residency, Kyoto, Japan, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Having established an important corpus of works, he wished to value his work through this catalog.

Texts: François Aubart, Karen Tanguy, Albane Duvillier, Kana Sunayama, Marianne Derrien, Isabelle Delamont

Graphics: atelier bilto ortega

Co-published by: galerie ACDC, atelier bilto ortega

With the support of centre d'art contemporain- la synagogue de Delme, Galerie ACDC, Centre d’art Le Quartier à Quimper, Frac Aquitaine, Le Château Chasse-Spleen, La collection Kerenidis - Pepe, La collection Chambon - Bost

1000 copies

96 pages

french - english

Available at CAC - la synagogue de Delme or order it by mail.