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L'abécédaire vocal

Violaine Lochu



Published on the occasion of the residency of Violaine Lochu at Lindre-Basse in 2016.

During her residence at the centre d'art contemporain - la synagogue de Delme, Violaine Lochu realized a vocal alphabet where every letters send back to a specific dimension of the voice and or the language; A as aphonie, B as babil (babble), C as chuchotement (whisper), D as dysphonie … The project took various forms - sound rooms, performance, videos ... - Of whom this edition containing documents and partitions of the artist as well as the typography Supervox invented by the typographer and graphic designer Christophe Hamery.

Editorial direction: Christophe Hamery et Violaine Lochu

Text: Valérie Philippin

Graphics: Christophe Hamery

Partitions: Violaine Lochu

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