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26 €

"Stones, Air, Axioms" is an ongoing art and research project by French sound artists Jean-Luc Guionnet and Thomas Tilly, dealing with the complex relationships between sound and architecture. After Poitiers and Krakow, Delme is the third phase within this venture.

By virtue of its history and exceptional acoustics, Delme’s former synagogue is the ideal setting for a customised, on-site sound installation. Guionnet and Tilly are deliberately leaving the place empty, giving visitors an experience of both visual and sound architecture. By supplementing the built space with frequencies, as well as voices, instrumental notes, rhythms and silence, the artists offer everyone a special listening situation: whether this listening is drifting or attentive, static or mobile, it is guaranteed to give visitors a different perception of the place, which is remoulded by the volume of air it contains and by the sound travelling through it.


2 x LP on white vinyls

300 copies

Texts: Marie Cozette, Jean-Luc Guionnet andThomas Tilly

Texts in French and English

Translation: Matthew Cunningham

Design: DeValence

Published by Fragment Factory – Hambourg  and centre d’art contemporain – la synagogue de Delme

This double LP can be bought at the art centre and online here

Comes with high quality lossless download option of the full album.