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CUBS n°0

Julie Buffard-Moret et Agathe Lartigue


13 €

CUBS n°0 - 2019
Collaborative magazine on wildlife documentaries, produced as part of Julie Buffard-Moret and Agathe Lartigue's residency at Lindre-Basse in 2019.


Often treated as a sub-genre in film studies, the wildlife documentary remains an excellent testament to humans’ perspective on their environment, and to the arguments and representations they tend to construct about something that is beyond them. The artists’ analytical method consists in understanding what is at stake in this type of documentary by always questioning the context in which it appeared (at which point in history), while trying to imagine what the “wildlife documentary” object could become today, and what place it might occupy in the field of art. The residency period in Lindre-Basse will enable them to conceptualise and write the first issue of this review, which they hope will be collaborative, combining several fields of research like philosophy, cinema, architecture... and art of course. Being speculative, Cubs review will not be reduced to a purely scientific result, but will give free rein to poetry, bricolage and experimentation. The review format thus proves to be a suitable tool for bringing people together, generating situations that will result in multiple forms.


Digital printing of 100 copies.
132 pages, many illustrations.
19 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-2-9573133-0-3

Available at the CAC - la synagogue de Delme or order by mail.