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Untitled (H.C Palmer)

Kevin Desbouis

“A mailbox installed in Lindre-Basse occasionally and randomly receives French translations and images signed by the American author H.C Palmer. »


During the Kevin Desbouis’ residency in 2021, the village of Lindre-Basse has emerged as a script-worthy area, into which he will inject a dose of imagination, adding an extra layer of reality to a place brimming with life. For this, the artist joins forces with one H.C. Palmer, based in the United States, suggesting that he install within public space at Lindre-Basse an American letterbox that will allow him to disseminate his poetry for the first time in France. Through the unusual appearance of this foreign object in the heart of a French village, the artist seeks to establish an epistolary connection with the local residents, by sending original translations of the poems of H.C. Palmer through it, in envelopes that the locals and passers-by can open and read, if their curiosity encourages them to ponder the letterbox and appropriate the content within it. Between the letterbox representing circulation and the sharing of intimate exchanges, and a work of art within public space, this box will act as a site of liaison between beings and minds, whether they are familiar or foreign to one another.


Postal address of the mailbox: 37bis rue Principale F-57260 Lindre-Basse