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From Wednesday 4 November to Sunday 22 November 2015

A selection of works by Celia-Hannes will be presented at the Gue(ho)st House, echoing their residency at My Monkey. 

Celia-Hannes has just started a new research project on reduce personal agricultural tools in an autarchy perspective. Their first subject is the rice cultivation and their first context will be the wild region Camargue in southern France. At the same time they are working on a straight to the point desk for urban thinker.

Célia-Hannes is the reunion of Célia Picard and Hannes Schreckensberger. The French-Austrian duo works between the fields of art and design. They are fascinated by signification of objects and the simplicity which they may have. In their research based practice, they seek to reduce, but with a focus on the development of the satisfaction that things can give us. Aware of the impact of production on our quality of life, they constantly take into account the social, symbolic and environmental context in which they operate before designing. The enigmatic forms which Celia-Hannes creates invite everyone to invent new uses and new rituals.


Address: 33 rue Poincaré - 57590 Delme
Exhibition open: Wednesday - Saturday: 2 - 6 pm and Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm
Free entrance. 

The Gue(ho)st House is dedicated to cultural action and it occasionally opens its doors to partner associations in Lorraine, for collaborative projects that showcase regional dynamics in the realm of contemporary art. 

This project has been produced in partnership with the My Monkey association in Nancy, a gallery dedicated to French and international graphic arts.