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Clémence Brandenbourger, Audrey Delay, Kim Detraux, Floriane Dez, Guillaume De La Follye De Joux, Elio Ducroquet, Alicia Dupont Lievens, Audrey Gonnet, Somi Han, Kim Hyojeong, Sacha Leclerc, Jiyung Lee, Lucien Morin, Sebald Pauer, Anthony Visconti.

From Saturday 14 March to Sunday 15 March 2020

A tool for highlighting the region’s dynamics in the area of contemporary art, the showcase at the Gue(ho)st House regularly welcomes projects from partner organisations (La Conserverie et Modulab à Metz, Le Vent des Forêts à Fresnes-au-Mont, le CIAV de Meisenthal, La Factorine à Nancy, le Musée de l’Image-Epinal etc).


Zone A Dessins #1 – Interwoven stories

Field investigations in Saulnois country

Zone A Dessins is a research and investigation workshop in rural territory offered by the École Supérieure d'Art de Lorraine on the initiative of artist and teacher François Génot.


A group of students immersed themselves in the territory of Delme and surrounding area, to conduct field investigations, opening up sedimented stories in order to develop graphic projects. Their outings, their encounters and their intuitions led them to view the landscape as a many-layered interweaving of multiple questions (geographical, geological, environmental, botanical, social, economic, archaeological, military…).


For the Contemporary Art Weekend, the team is infiltrating the Gue(ho)st House and the public space to share their experiences and offer visitors an alternative, sensitive and plastic interpretation of an unsuspected territory.




Visit by Art Bus participants in the context of the Contemporary Art Weekend (more information:



Opening event & brunch at the Gue(ho)st House.
Presentation of works and of a collective publication,
Activation of Mont Comestible by Kim Détraux, a participatory culinary work, and Territoire en jeu, a landscape reading by Alicia Dupont Lievens.
Free admission
Students will be present the whole weekend