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Hilary Galbreaith, Corentin Canesson et TNHCH

From Wednesday 1 June to Wednesday 31 August 2022

The artists and musicians Hilary Galbreaith, Corentin Canesson and his band TNHCH will participate in a joint residency that will take place in the summer of 2022 in Lindre-Basse.

In 1968, to prepare his cult album "Trout Mask Replica", Captain Beefheart locked himself up for several months with his musicians in a large isolated house on the outskirts of Los Angeles; eight months later, this atypical "residency" gave birth to one of the most disruptive records in rock history. This famous anecdote from the history of experimental and avant-garde music is the starting point of their residency in the former presbyterium of Lindre-Basse. 

The project will take the form of a visual and sonic laboratory, an art and recording studio where paintings, posters, installations, costumes, performances and musical creations will mix and converge.


The artist residency programme is organised by the CAC - la synagogue de Delme in collaboration with the Lorraine Regional Natural Park and the village of Lindre-Basse.


Hilary Galbreaith was born in Florida in 1989; she lives and works in Rennes.
She graduated from ESAAA (Annecy) in 2017. She develops darkly humorous SF stories through forms as varied as drawing, writing, video installation and performance, with a particular focus paid to scenography, costume design and collaboration with other musicians.
She participated in the Prix du Frac Bretagne (2021), the 69th Edition of Jeune Création (2020) and the Prix Sciences Po (2019). Recently her work has been presented at In extenso in Clermont-Ferrand (solo 2019), Plus Dede in Berlin (solo 2019), and at Cripta747 in Turin (coll. 2019).

Corentin Canesson was born in Brest in 1988; he lives and works in Paris and Brest.
He graduated from EESAB - Rennes in 2011. His work condenses the history of painting and the pleasure of the brushstroke in abstract and figurative pieces that are often created in series. From 2008 to 2014, he directed the independent exhibition space STANDARDS in Rennes; since 2015, he has been an active member and resident at DOC! in Paris; and he is also a guitarist in the experimental band TNHCH.
Recently, he participated in the first Frac Bretagne-Art Norac prize of the Frac Bretagne, of which he is the laureate, and the 21st prize of the Ricard corporate foundation Le Fil d'Alerte in 2019. His work has benefited from several solo exhibitions, notably at the Sator gallery (2020), the Nathalie Obadia gallery (2018), the Crédac in Ivry-sur-Seine (2017), and the CAC Passerelle in Brest (2015).

The Night He Came Home, also spelled TNHCH, is a quintet composed of Arthur Beuvier (production /synthesizers / vocals), Corentin Canesson (guitars), Tim Defives aka Tim Karbon (drums / production / vocals), Damien Le Dévédec (lead vocals / bass / synthesizers) and Maëla Bescond (lead vocals). Founded in Rennes in 2013 and currently based between Brittany, Le Mans, Paris and Lyon, their music is characterised by a combination of influences ranging from krautrock to ambient-techno, its musical colour scheme marked by rhythms close to club music and with melodic lines inherited from alternative rock.