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Since 2002, in close collaboration with the commune of Lindre-Basse and the Lorraine Regional Natural Park, the CAC - la synagogue de Delme has been running a programme of artist residencies in the former presbytery of Lindre-Basse, which was specially refitted as a studio.


The residency session offers the artist a chance to develop a specific project outside of his or her day-to-day context. The natural environment, the local population, the region’s socio-economic data, its traffic, its potential in terms of history or tourism, or simply the structure of the studio offer many new possibilities to the resident artist. This residency also involves an ongoing dialogue with the art centre and meetings with professionals and other regional contacts.


Far isolating the artist in the studio, the aim of the programme - beyond supporting creative work - is to enable the local population to have a lasting relationship with artistic creativity. This artist accommodation programme is also punctuated by meetings that are aimed not just at schoolchildren and residents of the village and neighbouring communes, but also at regional cultural organisations, students of art schools and art courses, and organisations promoting contemporary art distribution in Lorraine. As the organiser of this programme of residencies, the art centre is able to develop its contemporary art support activities in parallel with the exhibitions it programmes at the Synagogue.


How it works


Annual calendar

April - May : call for applications
End of May : application deadline
end of June - Beginning of July : selection panel

First residency session: September / November
Second residency session: March / May
Third residency session: June / August


Selection criteria

Artists are selected on the basis of their application and their project. There are no restrictions in terms of theme or medium. Artists are invited to explain their project while justifying how its realisation would benefit from a residency. Nevertheless, we encourage projects involving a process that relates to the territory (understood in the broad sense) as well as collaborative projects (between artists in similar or different disciplines). Depending on the individual case, at the end of the residency, it may be possible for the produced work to be distributed through partner organisations.

Artists selected will be occasionally asked to meet the local population in the context of the art centre’s awareness-raising activities.


Location and description of the residency-studio

The studio is located in the heart of the village of Lindre-Basse (population 300) in the Lorraine Regional Natural Park, and two kilometres from Dieuze (population 4000) in Moselle. The Lindre-Basse area is a vast natural space surrounding a lake where fish and birds are studied. It is about an hour from Metz and Strasbourg, and about 40 minutes from Nancy.

The residency is a half-hour from the Delme art centre by car (35 km). 

The studio is about 70 m2 with a 6-metre-high ceiling. It is equipped with work benches, tables, a water tap, basic materials, and other equipment made available by the art centre according to need. It has a concrete floor, a bay window, large doors and a remote-control lifting system. It ialso comes with a landline and high-speed internet. Residents have the use of a Mac computer, printer and scanner.

The accommodation includes two en-suite bedrooms, a kitchen, a garden, and a mezzanine lounge that overlooks the studio.

How the residency programme works

The average duration is 10 weeks minimum, to be spread over a period of 3 months. 
first residency: September – November  
- second residency: March – May
- third residency: June – August
(dates indicative, adjustments are possible)

To help see the project through, the artist receives a residency allowance of 2000 euros and a production budget of 2000 euros. The production budget is only allocated in the case of work that is created in the context of the residency, or is linked to it.

A vehicle is strongly recommended. The residency is 30 minutes from Delme by car, and the artist needs to have minimum day-to-day autonomy.

The ability to speak fluent French is also required.

The residency does not lead to an exhibition at the art centre, but rather an open studio event at the end of the residency.


Application requirements

If you would like to receive our call for submission, please subscribe to the art centre’s newsletter. The application form can be downloaded from the art centre’s website during the call for submission period.

Applications will only be processed if they include all of the following:
- the completed form, including a description of the project that the artist would like to develop in the context of the residency
- a CV
- a portfolio
- press articles


For more information

Camille Grasser – residency coordinator
tel: 03 87 01 43 42