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Azul Jacinto Marino

Rometti Costales

From Saturday 17 October to Sunday 28 February 2016

The art centre will be closed on 11 November and from 23 December 2015 to 5 January 2016 inclusive.

The exhibition title, Azul Jacinto Marino, reflects the work that Rometti Costales have been doing over the past 8 years: polysemic, multidirectional, equivocal, and rich in multiple facets or interpretations. At first sight, the terms would seem to refer to three shades of blue (azure blue, hyacinthe blue and marine blue), but they also evoke azurite crystals, a plant, the sea and the sky, oscillating between these various worlds — mineral and vegetable, solid and liquid, visible and invisible. 

But Azul, Jacinto and Marino are also common first names and surnames in Latin America and Spain; and in the artists’ own cosmogony, it is the name of a character that is at once a shaman, poet and anarchist whose real or fictional nature is no longer certain. This character enables Rometti Costales to unroll multiple narrative threads and a few recurrent concepts in their work. For example, Azul Jacinto Marino represents the concept of magical anarchism (anarquismo mágico), which the artists invented as a poetic, political game that runs from exhibition to exhibition.

The history of this imaginary concept rests on a few real facts: in 1953, one of the last representatives of the Durruti Column—an anarchist military unit fighting against Franco’s regime during the Spanish Civil War — went into exile in Bolivia. At the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the fighter decided to build an anarchist micro-society. Out of the friendly relations he developed with neighbouring Amerindian tribes grew a strange hybrid community, mixing anarchist doctrine (neither god nor master, neither law nor social hierarchy) with the shamanic experience, which makes it possible, through trance and magic, to glimpse a non-pyramidal vision of the world, where different entities co-exist equally, where the human being is no longer at the centre of the world but in the world, just like the jaguar, a bolt of lightning, a cactus, a shade of blue, a word…

What interests the artists in this meeting of two theoretically very different cultures, is the combinative power of two systems of thought, one political and the other magical. Thus in the work of Rometti Costales, fiction, myth and imagination are tools that can greatly enhance our ability to think about reality and political action.

The duo also draws from the theories of Brazilian anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, who developed the concept of multiperspectivism, according to which a common culture is viewed in relation to a multiplicity of natures, a complete reversal of the dominant assumption of Western thought, which considers a common nature in relation to a multiplicity of cultures. 

This is why Rometti Costales invite “agents” of various origins to their exhibitions, seeing them as fully fledged exhibition authors that include this possibility of multiple perspectives. These “agents” could be: the sun’s changing light and its coloured reflections in the exhibition space, an insect, a plant, smoke from a cigarette… The artists let themselves be guided by the randomness and indeterminacy that these various agents imply, accepting the fundamental instability of the summoned objects.

Marie Cozette

14 OCTOBER AT 7 pm

in the context of the seminar "Something you should know"
EHESS / Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales - Paris
Maison des Sciences de l'Homme 
16-18 rue Suger - 75006 Paris



Le projet AZUL JACINTO MARINO s’inscrit dans PIANO, plateforme préparée pour l’art contemporain, France–Italie 2014-2016, initiée par d.c.a / association française de développement des centres d’art, en partenariat avec l’Institut français d’Italie, l’Ambassade de France en Italie et l’Institut français, avec le soutien du ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international, du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication et de la Fondation Nuovi Mecenati.



Azul Jacinto Marino est conçu en partenariat avec le centre d’art Peep-Hole à Milan dans le cadre du projet The Book Society #2 dont le versant italien a eu lieu à Milan du 12 juin au 18 juillet dernier.




Le projet de Rometti Costales a été sélectionné par la commission mécénat de la Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques qui lui a apporté son soutien.






Rometti Costales have been working together since 2007. The duo consists of Julia Rometti, born in Nice in 1975, and Victor Costales, of Ecuadorian and Belarusian extraction, born in Minsk in 1974.

They are represented by Jousse Entreprise gallery in Paris and by joségarcía ,mx gallery in Mexico City. They currently live and work in Mexico City.

Their work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions including: Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland; La Casa del Lago in Mexico City, Mexico (2014); L’Appartement 22 in Rabat, Morocco; La Central in Bogota, Colombia; Jousse Entreprise gallery in Paris; Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis, United States (2013); Project Room Arte Actual in Quito, Ecuador (2011).

They have also presented their work at Proyecto Siqueiros - La Tallera, Cuernavaca, Mexico (2015); in the context of the Cuenca Biennial in Ecuador (2014); at the Frac Nord Pas-de-Calais, at Pilar Corrias Gallery in London, at the SALTS art centre in Basel, at the CRAC Alsace in Altkirch, at Fondation Gulbenkian in Paris (2013), at the Kunsthalle Zürich, at the Qalandiya International Biennial, Jerusalem and Ramallah (2012), at the David Roberts Art Foundation in London, at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2011); at the 29th Sao Paulo Biennial and at CAPACETE (2010)…

They are currently preparing a public commission for the Bordeaux Urban Community at the invitation of Catherine David. Their work will be presented soon at Tenderpixel in London, at the 12th Bienal Monterrey FEMSA in Mexico. Josegarcia ,mx gallery in Mexico will be dedicating a solo exhibition to them in 2016.