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Princia Itoua

From Tuesday 1 March to Tuesday 31 May 2022

Princia Itoua defines himself as a griot artist living in a modern age. This is how he appears The artist's first contact with art was with photography, graphic design and writing, then experimenting one after the other with performance, installation and sculpture, Princia Itoua developed a multidisciplinary work around Kanye Mendel at first and then in a new concept: Le Paysitant. The artist guides us on the journey of her alter ego Kanye Mendel through a constellation of pieces that dialogue with each other. Through writing, typography, performance, photography and sculpture, he creates poetic messages with multiple meanings. 

Narrative, orality and text are the foundation of this work, which takes on the form of the book, becoming a space for exhibition and for the questions that inhabit it. 

The artist gives an important part in his work and research to walking. This is an essential practice for him, which feeds his inspirations from his wanderings, his notes and his discoveries of rural and urban landscapes. His encounters and wanderings allow the artist to raise with Kanye current, but universal issues such as: migration, exile, racism, notions of memory and identity. 

The work that he deploys through neologisms in Paysitant is a concentration of current concerns about the interactions between landscape and inhabitant. Le Paysitant for landscape and inhabitant is therefore an exploration. A reflection on the borderline of the issues left aside in Kanye and a more global reflection of the human footprint. In the manner of someone who has lived in spaces and territories little transformed by man, he tries here to bring reflections on our transformations of the landscape. This work is currently leading to questions such as: finished territory, new territories, transmitted territory, rooting, social mobility, taking root, colonial garden, scale, climatic migration, exote... 

A reflection that has also given rise to a new way of working. With materials from nature and from recycling, this work aims to place the body in a posture that allows the artist to transmit, via the senses, the issues that concern us all. 



The artist residency programme is organised by the CAC - la synagogue de Delme in collaboration with the Lorraine Regional Natural Park and the village of Lindre-Basse.


Princia Itoua is a Congolese visual artist, born in 1989 in Congo-Brazzaville. He lives and works between Metz and Paris. The artist graduated from ESAL Metz where he obtained his DNSEP in 2017.

Princia Itoua has had several solo exhibitions since 2019, he will notably present his work at the Granit in Belfort in April 2022. He participated in the exhibition Le Corbusier et Léger. Visions polychromes organised by the Centre Pompidou Metz at the Cité radieuse Le Corbusier, Briey-en-forêt in 2017, he was also invited to the 63rd Salon de Montrouge and the 8th Prix Jeune Création at the Moulin des Arts de Saint-Rémy in 2018 and to the exhibition Lignes de vies - une exposition de légendes, organised by Franck Lamy at the MAC VAL in 2019. In 2020, her work will be presented in several exhibitions : Et maintenant, a collective virtual exhibition of the work of artists from the Grand-Est region organised by the Frac Lorraine, À la lumière du doute, at Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains and the Chapelle des Templiers in Metz, as well as at the Biennale de la jeune création at the Graineterie in Houilles.