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Arslane Smirnov

From Thursday 1 September to Wednesday 30 November 2022

Ape among the apes, Arslane vividly grows in a society that certainly nobody likes, but that he strives nonetheless to observe with a certain amount of devotion and lucidity. Sometimes candid, yet chillax, he scrutinize timorously and in wonder public affairs that he later miniaturize in his studio before playing with it, alone in his room. Alternately filmmaker, garage sculptor, cartoonist, dramatic writer and worshipper of Satan petit-coeur, he dedicates his present life to art, love and cash money.



The artist residency programme is organised by the CAC - la synagogue de Delme in collaboration with the Lorraine Regional Natural Park and the village of Lindre-Basse.


Arslane Smirnov, born in 1986, lives and works in Paris. He graduated from ENSAD Paris.